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VINI VICI - Life is a remix

Classic tracks don’t get old, they simply evolve.

The new Vini Vici remix album titled “Life is a Remix” pays testament to this natural cycle of re-imagination with a breath-taking list of remixes from some of the world’s leading psy producers. Ranging from psychedelic- and progressive trance to some more organic, minimal and downtempo remixes, this massive album really bursts the signature Vini Vici sound into a kaleidoscope of fresh reworks, showcasing a spectacular spectrum of reenvision…

TOOTS THIELEMANS - Bluesette remix

Contest Winner: Red Bull Elektropedia

Red Bull Elektropedia, Toots Music, The Academy by Borgerhoff & Lamberigts and A&Gallery asked Belgian producers to create a remix for Toots Thielemans’ classic Bluesette. The prize? A trip to the Toots Tribute Concert at Lincoln Center in New York (at the end of September 2012).

Hilight Tribe - Temple of Light

We all come as one to the doors …of ‘The Temple of Light’.

Inspired by an initiatory journey around the planet, “Temple of Light”, the 8th album of the Hilight Tribe transports us on an extraordinary musical adventure. Intended for all generations and trends, this new Hilight Tribe album conveys a message of peace, sharing and plunges us into a multi-cultural and Teknoid world where all limits are pushed back to give way to dreams!

Hilight Tribe - Trancelucid

Here we are: the turning point. A mature opus, some would say.

Hilight Tribe seems to have found its cruise velocity. Their alchemy of instrumental dexterity linked to an optimized sound finally match with our initial goals. Thanks to Morad and Dan from Whicked Hayo (1rst album: Soundbreakers, Night Oracles Recs.) for their excellent work on the Mix and arrangements. Also, thanks to Ndo Mbemba Kanouté from Senegal (Tambakunda Track) who lent us for the second time, the magic of his lyrics and Cora.

Whicked Hayo - Soundbreakers

One of Europe’s best-loved (and sometimes most feared) night-time live acts, Whicked Hayo presents ”SoundBreakers”.

Combining solid basslines with truly bizarre samples and their unique breakdowns that drive any dancefloor crazy, SoundBreakers has a sound that will delight and disturb the scene all over the world. Balancing the most insane breakdowns and positively violent drum tracks with truly twisted humour, the ecstatic chaos of Whicked Hayo’s sound opens up a new direction in psytrance.

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